3 Birthday Gift Ideas Your New Teen Driver Can Appreciate

Now that your teen is a licensed driver, they'll likely appreciate gifts for their upcoming birthday that are associated with driving. While new CDs for their vehicle's player, tinted windows, and seat covers might be on your teen's wish list, you may be inclined to keep them safe by gifting them with flares and warning signs to adorn the windows with instead. By focusing more on your teen driver's needs than personal wants and preferences, you can offer your teen a gift they'll actually use while at the same time supporting responsible, safe driving. Consider one or more of these gift ideas:

Car Part, Service, and Inspection Certificates

No matter what shape your teen's vehicle is in, they'll need to keep up with maintenance by having the oil changed as often as once every 1,000 miles, replacing the brake pads at the first sign of wear and tear, as well as getting a tune up on a yearly basis – these financial responsibilities can really add up and cause some stress for your teen as they budget their needs. A great way to take some of the monetary burden of being a new driver, and to help ensure that your teen's vehicle is always in good shape is to put together a certificate book good for car parts, services, and inspections. In addition to gift certificates good for a brake pad replacement and a tune up, consider including gift certificates for the following:

  • Wheel Alignment
  • Anti-Freeze Refill
  • Suspension Replacement
  • Headlight and Windshield Wiper Replacement

A few gift certificates along with a subscription for roadside assistance is sure to help keep your teen safely on the road throughout their first year as a driver.

A Prepaid Gas Card with Multiple Funding Options

Another great way to surprise your teen on their birthday is to provide them with a prepaid gas card that offers multiple funding options. Fund the card with enough fuel to get around for a couple of weeks without spending a dime. They can start regularly funding the card right away to create a source of continual gas money. By making sure that the card accepts multiple funding options, your teen will be able to fund the card using cash and online payment options and you will have the ability to fund the card with a credit card or bank account if you wish. You may find that funding the gas card is a great way to pay your teen for things like babysitting younger siblings, doing extra chores, and on special occasions.

A Series of Driver Education Classes

Paying for a series of driver education classes that focus on aspects of driving that your teen expresses worry or stress about is an effective way to help them build confidence in their skills so they're a better driver on the road. Attending driving classes will also ensure that your teen understands all of the important rules of the road so they'll be less likely to get pulled over or have an accident.

One of the more attractive things about giving your teen driving lessons as a gift is that after attending, they may qualify for an impressive discount on their vehicle insurance rates. If possible, choose a class that is designed specifically for new teen drivers so your child has a chance to meet new friends in an environment that makes learning to drive interesting and fun by teaching from the perspective of a young driver.   

These gift ideas are sure to be valued by your teen as time goes on, especially when they find themselves in need of a repair that they wouldn't be able to afford on their own. For more tips, click here for more info on automotive services

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